Why Docpro.pk?

The team at Docpro.pk used to face the same difficulties as you did when it came to making SMART AND INFORMED CHOICES ABOUT HEALTHCARE.

  • You found it difficult to find the right specialist that would meet your standards of care
  • You didn’t have easy access to professional background information about the specialist with regards to qualifications and experience
  • You wanted to know exactly which healthcare services and timings were being offered by the specialist and how much they would charge you for those services
  • You wanted to know about personal experiences of other patients with that specialist
  • You often struggled to set an appointment at an appropriate time with that specialist

Ideally, you want this information from a neutral source, without any bias or vested interest. IT’S YOUR HEALTH AFTER ALL!

Those days are over. Docpro.pk is here to help you. On Docpro.pk, you can now:

  • View listing of all the specialists with their complete professional background information, practice clinics or hospitals, and consultation fees charged
  • View patient reviews before you decide on which specialist to select
  • Request appointments online or by phone and our dedicated team will get them for you
  • Get healthcare tips and answers to general inquiries from our team on areas of your interest or need
  • Maintain all your medical information and reports in your confidential folder